Our Postnatal Retreat
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For too long, we’ve ignored what happens after the baby arrives. Even as the mother is physically and mentally recovering from the miracle of birth, she’s expected to perfectly fulfill the duties of a mom, knowing exactly what to do, enduring sleepless nights and overwhelming changes with little to no help.
We believe that moms who love their baby can still ask for help. Designed as a transitional retreat between the hospital and the home, Ahma & Co offers a sanctuary in a quiet pocket of nature, just outside of the city – close enough to home, yet just far away enough for a peaceful adjustment and recovery period for the mom and baby, accompanied by a range of postnatal care experts. Supported by a cohort of other women in the same stage of motherhood, you can tackle the challenging transition into motherhood with less pain and more confidence, knowing that you’re doing the right things for her and her little one’s long-term health.
Your Home Away From Home
Welcome to your new home. At our retreat, you won't need to worry about any household chores - you can count on us to take care of them for you, and even go beyond to ensure that you can focus on what's important.
Delicious, nutritious meals 3x/day
Spacious, comfortable rooms - private to you, your partner, and your little one
Laundry, room cleaning, and concierge services so you can focus on your recovery
A Safe Haven
We mean it when we say that we' want to prioritize your recovery. In our peaceful bubble, you will have 24/7 access to our experts and can rest assured that you and your newborn will be taken care of. Go ahead & get a head start on your process of recovery and bonding with your baby.
Comprehensive, high quality care for you and your little one by vetted experts
Safe space to ask questions and connect with other moms in the same stage of motherhood
Thoughtful Touches of Modern Luxuries
We do more than the minimum. Just as your baby deserves the best, so do you - so, massage away that backpain, indulge in a foot bath, and capture those precious first moments with your baby with an on-site photoshoot. You've earned it all.
Spa services, including foot baths, lactation and postpartum massages
On-site photoshoots to capture baby’s precious first weeks

Your Journey with Ahma & Co

Your journey with us begins pre-birth, when you reach out to us to share your story. Once we learn more about you and your plans, our dedicated advocate will work with you and your care provider to plan a seamless transition from the hospital to the retreat after giving birth.


~3 months before birth.
Initial consultation with Ahma & Co


Ahma & Co is notified


Relax & recharge at our postnatal retreat. Stay as long as you'd like!


~5+ weeks after giving birth.
Continue promoting wellness through check-ins, curated educational content for stage of motherhood, and community support.
When you arrive at our retreat, we’ll encourage you to settle into your private room and focus on your recovery as we take care of the rest. And when it’s time for your departure, we’ll stay with you every step of the way, with access to exclusive, curated content and community info to guide you in your motherhood journey.

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