Expert Live with Doula Gigi: Discussing the 5 Essential Services for Postpartum
Missed out on our first live? Tune into the full recording with key takeaways here! From postpartum nutrition to pelvic floor therapy and belly binding, Gigi dives into the 5 essential services for recovery & wellness.
Your Questions, Answered: Q&A with Dr. Sonya Ye, OB/GYN Resident Physician
Even with all the information you’ve received from your friends, family, and targeted ads, a question or two about pregnancy, birth, postpartum might be lingering in your mind - so, we've teamed up with our Chief Health Officer to answer them.
Colostrum: an Ode to the Harvest
It’s a liquid that your body produces that can be immensely beneficial to your child’s health and well-being, but it’s NOT breastmilk. You’ve probably heard about it on TikTok or seen it on Instagram, but just what the heck is colostrum?
Breast Care Isn’t Vain - Tips for Care During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Your breasts become some of the most vital parts of the body during and after pregnancy. While they may seem like a miracle, unstoppable source of nutrition and comfort for your baby, they are also very delicate. During and after pregnancy, even if you aren’t planning on breastfeeding, you must take care of your breasts so they remain healthy. Check out our article to learn how. 🤱🏻🤱🤱🏼🤱🏽🤱🏾🤱🏿
Adieu to Taboo: It's Time to Normalize Public Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is acknowledged and recommended by the World Health Organization as a way to nourish our little ones, but that hasn’t prevented the horrific instances of strangers shaming mothers who attempt to publicly breastfeed. It’s considered taboo, but why? Public breastfeeding is legally protected in all 50 states, and it’s about time that we normalize it.
To Breastfeed, or Not to Breastfeed…
When it comes to nourishing your baby, the phrase “Breast Is Best” may as well be printed onto the sky in flashing neon lights, given how much it is thrown around in the mom-sphere. But is it true?
Breastfeeding: the Good, the Bad, and the Lactation Consultant
Breastfeeding can be one of the most unique and personal experiences a mother shares with her child…so why does it have to be so painful?