Expert Live with Doula Gigi: Discussing the 5 Essential Services for Postpartum
Missed out on our first live? Tune into the full recording with key takeaways here! From postpartum nutrition to pelvic floor therapy and belly binding, Gigi dives into the 5 essential services for recovery & wellness.
Why Is Postpartum Care So Important?
What is the importance of postpartum care, and why isn't it just a "nice to have"?
Postpartum Workwear: What to Wear to the Office After Maternity Leave
Returning to work, but unwilling to sacrifice style for comfort? From underwear to shoes, we've got you covered on postpartum work clothes.
Warning Signs & Symptoms: the Difference Between Postpartum Blues, Depression, Anxiety, and Psychosis
The pressures of the holiday season can feel even heavier for a new mom, making it even more essential for families and friends to be on the watch for signs that she may be struggling. Here is a list of common conditions, and the differences.
Tips for Successfully Returning to Work After Maternity Leave
Going back to work after maternity leave? Check out our tips on how to make your transition seamless and stress-free.
What Happens After Giving Birth? The 24 Hours After Delivery
You know what to expect for the birthing process, but what happens after you give birth? We explore everything from the vagina after birth to your little one’s health tests, including the Apgar.
Ahma Need a Minute Highlights | EP 2. Joyce: Making Decisions and Giving Space for Course Correction
When Joyce struggled to find time during her fellowship, her village stepped up to fill in the gaps. Joyce shares her perspective on her "systems", making decisions and course-correcting as she goes.
Ahma Need a Minute Highlights | EP 1. Shaniece: Learning to Be Your Best Advocate
Shaniece is an imperfectly perfect Mother of Two, Wife, and Educator amongst many other titles. Hear her birth stories and how she took learnings from her first experience to strategize and advocate for herself the second time around.
10 Products to Consider Purchasing in Preparation for Your Postpartum Experience
Expecting and not sure how to prepare for the postpartum experience? Here's a list of 10 must-have products to get you started.
Are You a Postpartum Mom? You Can Still Enjoy the 4th of July
The holiday is right around the corner, and as a recovering mom, you deserve to join in the festivities too. Here are our best tips on how.
Your Questions, Answered: Q&A with Dr. Sonya Ye, OB/GYN Resident Physician
Even with all the information you’ve received from your friends, family, and targeted ads, a question or two about pregnancy, birth, postpartum might be lingering in your mind - so, we've teamed up with our Chief Health Officer to answer them.
Postpartum Birth Planning & Fertility: 4 Things You Should Know
Whether you’re thinking about trying again right away or avoiding pregnancy to focus on yourself and your current family, it’s important to understand your postpartum fertility. In this article, we cover the answers to 4 major questions.
Your Postpartum Timeline: What to Expect in the First 6 Weeks
There are guides out there that talk about what to expect by week during pregnancy — but what can you expect for postpartum? Though every mom’s postpartum will look different, there are large themes in each week that will be to your benefit to understand and prepare for in advance. Here’s our official guide to the first 6 weeks after birth.
Your Postpartum Recovery Recipe Book (Read: Nutritious & Delicious Dishes You Can Make in Bulk, then Freeze and Reheat in a Pinch)
Postpartum nutrition is important, but when you’re barely getting 3 hours of sleep a night, cooking and consuming nutritious meals every single day seem like an unrealistic luxury - but actually, it can be a reality with the right amount of help and prep! That’s why we’ve curated a list of 5 hearty dishes that can be cooked, frozen and easily reheated in a pinch, and provide essential nutrients for the recovering mother.
Postpartum Nutrition is Especially Important for Your Health, and the Reasons Can Be Summarized in 3Fs
After 40 weeks of a restricted diet, you might be tempted to pop open a bottle of champagne and swing back into your diet - but nutrition and a balanced diet is especially important in postpartum, for both your and baby’s long-term health.
Let's Talk about the History of Postpartum Care in the U.S.
Even before the celeb moms started talking about it on Instagram, postpartum care was considered essential but often overlooked. Thankfully, the awareness surrounding the importance of proper recovery in the “4th trimester” is higher than ever - read on to learn about how postpartum care started, and how it has evolved through history.
We’re Breaking the Silence on Miscarriage and the Necessary Postpartum Care
It’s no surprise that you seldom hear about a woman experiencing one, given that all such conversations are carried on in hushed whispers - but 15-25% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, and it's time to break the taboo and the silence.
The Cycle Continues: Post-Baby Periods
They’re back! After a 40-week break, your periods are looming on the horizon, waiting to return and signal fertility once again. So, what are the most essential things you need to know? In this article, we answer some of the most frequently answered questions so that you can get a head start on what to expect.
Pursuing Your Olympic-Inspired Fitness Kick: Postpartum Edition
Watching the Olympics, you may begin to wonder if you, too, can test out your Olympic fantasy. However, postpartum exercise may not be as simple as watching the Games and feeling inspired to show up at the gym to crush a crazy workout. Your body has undergone an incredible feat of delivering a child, and working out may be a little different now.
The Kama Sutra for New Moms
Sex. The thing that got you to where you are today, and the thing that has been lingering in your mind during the first few weeks postpartum. Yep, let’s talk about that.