Expert Live with Doula Gigi: Discussing the 5 Essential Services for Postpartum
Missed out on our first live? Tune into the full recording with key takeaways here! From postpartum nutrition to pelvic floor therapy and belly binding, Gigi dives into the 5 essential services for recovery & wellness.
Why Is Postpartum Care So Important?
What is the importance of postpartum care, and why isn't it just a "nice to have"?
Warning Signs & Symptoms: the Difference Between Postpartum Blues, Depression, Anxiety, and Psychosis
The pressures of the holiday season can feel even heavier for a new mom, making it even more essential for families and friends to be on the watch for signs that she may be struggling. Here is a list of common conditions, and the differences.
3 Mindfulness Meditation Practices for Pregnancy and Beyond
Mindfulness meditation is inherently spiritual and is rooted in Buddhist practice; however, regardless of your religious and spiritual affiliation, practicing mindfulness meditation has many benefits for anyone – including during and after pregnancy.
Why Is Social Support Crucial During Pregnancy & Beyond?
Social support is not only beneficial to new mothers, but quite necessary. In this article, we discuss how a lack of appropriate social support can not only impact her sense of self, but also the relationship with her partner as well as her baby.
Your Postpartum Timeline: What to Expect in the First 6 Weeks
There are guides out there that talk about what to expect by week during pregnancy — but what can you expect for postpartum? Though every mom’s postpartum will look different, there are large themes in each week that will be to your benefit to understand and prepare for in advance. Here’s our official guide to the first 6 weeks after birth.
The Mental and Physical Ripples in the Birthing Experience That No One’s Told You About (Yet)
What can you expect after the birth? You might have heard that there’s some residual bleeding…but just how much? What about the swelling, tearing, and the hair loss? Read on for a detailed list of every little thing you might experience, postpartum.
Taylar Klecan on Doula Work & Motherhood: the Importance of Strengthening Mother’s Self-Care Muscle & Intuition
Moms may be the experts on everything, but Taylar Klecan is the expert on everything moms! In an interview with Taylar, she described how society often forgets about mom’s needs- and it’s about time we remember them. Learn more about what she does, and how she helps moms build the self-care "muscle" in their budding journey.
We’re Breaking the Silence on Miscarriage and the Necessary Postpartum Care
It’s no surprise that you seldom hear about a woman experiencing one, given that all such conversations are carried on in hushed whispers - but 15-25% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, and it's time to break the taboo and the silence.
Beyond the Baby and the Blues
Postpartum depression is real - 1 in 9 women suffer from it. So what causes it, and how can mothers get help?
It's Time to Talk About Postpartum
Everyone talks about the pregnancy and the birth, but what happens after?
The Myth of the Perfect Instagram Mom & Why You Should Stop Expecting to be Her
The true story behind the flawless photographs.