Expert Live with Doula Gigi: Discussing the 5 Essential Services for Postpartum
Missed out on our first live? Tune into the full recording with key takeaways here! From postpartum nutrition to pelvic floor therapy and belly binding, Gigi dives into the 5 essential services for recovery & wellness.
Why Is Postpartum Care So Important?
What is the importance of postpartum care, and why isn't it just a "nice to have"?
From Our Bar Cart to Yours: 8 Alcohol-Free Drinks
Sometimes, you just really need a drink - but can't because you're pregnant, breastfeeding, or want to avoid the side effects of alcohol. We're curated a list of our favorites non-alcoholic drinks for exactly those times!
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The holiday is right around the corner, and as a recovering mom, you deserve to join in the festivities too. Here are our best tips on how.
Your Questions, Answered: Q&A with Dr. Sonya Ye, OB/GYN Resident Physician
Even with all the information you’ve received from your friends, family, and targeted ads, a question or two about pregnancy, birth, postpartum might be lingering in your mind - so, we've teamed up with our Chief Health Officer to answer them.
Your Postpartum Recovery Recipe Book (Read: Nutritious & Delicious Dishes You Can Make in Bulk, then Freeze and Reheat in a Pinch)
Postpartum nutrition is important, but when you’re barely getting 3 hours of sleep a night, cooking and consuming nutritious meals every single day seem like an unrealistic luxury - but actually, it can be a reality with the right amount of help and prep! That’s why we’ve curated a list of 5 hearty dishes that can be cooked, frozen and easily reheated in a pinch, and provide essential nutrients for the recovering mother.
Postpartum Nutrition is Especially Important for Your Health, and the Reasons Can Be Summarized in 3Fs
After 40 weeks of a restricted diet, you might be tempted to pop open a bottle of champagne and swing back into your diet - but nutrition and a balanced diet is especially important in postpartum, for both your and baby’s long-term health.
Fourth of July: Indulgence of the Summer
Bring on the 4th of July BBQ! From fries to burgers to all those red, white, and blue desserts, we have all the tips on what foods will keep mom and baby safely (and happily) nourished. Happy 4th!