Ahma Need a Minute Highlights | Ep 21. Expert Series: Labor and Delivery Experiences Through the Years with Dr. Sonya Ye, OB/GYN
Dr. Sonya Ye is back to react to birth stories from parents across generations, and share tools, resources and perspective of the labor and delivery experience as an OB-GYN.
What is a Birth Plan? Here's a Free Template to Get You Started
A birth plan can be a great tool to help you think through all the details of the birth, so that you can be best prepared for what's to come. We're starting you off with a free birth plan template!
What Happens After Giving Birth? The 24 Hours After Delivery
You know what to expect for the birthing process, but what happens after you give birth? We explore everything from the vagina after birth to your little one’s health tests, including the Apgar.
A New Mom's Guide to Navigating Birth Options
Who do you want on your care team, and where would you like to give birth? The options you have for your birth plan have expanded as the idea of a natural delivery has become more widely practiced. Here's what you should know about the alternatives.
Ahma Need a Minute Highlights | EP 2. Joyce: Making Decisions and Giving Space for Course Correction
When Joyce struggled to find time during her fellowship, her village stepped up to fill in the gaps. Joyce shares her perspective on her "systems", making decisions and course-correcting as she goes.
Ahma Need a Minute Highlights | EP 1. Shaniece: Learning to Be Your Best Advocate
Shaniece is an imperfectly perfect Mother of Two, Wife, and Educator amongst many other titles. Hear her birth stories and how she took learnings from her first experience to strategize and advocate for herself the second time around.
How to Be Your Best Advocate for Labor & Beyond
Birth and postpartum come with many changes and uncertainties, but with preparation, you can approach with certainty that you’re equipped with the right information and support to be your own best advocate.
Your Questions, Answered: Q&A with Dr. Sonya Ye, OB/GYN Resident Physician
Even with all the information you’ve received from your friends, family, and targeted ads, a question or two about pregnancy, birth, postpartum might be lingering in your mind - so, we've teamed up with our Chief Health Officer to answer them.
The Mental and Physical Ripples in the Birthing Experience That No One’s Told You About (Yet)
What can you expect after the birth? You might have heard that there’s some residual bleeding…but just how much? What about the swelling, tearing, and the hair loss? Read on for a detailed list of every little thing you might experience, postpartum.
Taylar Klecan on Doula Work & Motherhood: the Importance of Strengthening Mother’s Self-Care Muscle & Intuition
Moms may be the experts on everything, but Taylar Klecan is the expert on everything moms! In an interview with Taylar, she described how society often forgets about mom’s needs- and it’s about time we remember them. Learn more about what she does, and how she helps moms build the self-care "muscle" in their budding journey.
The “Must-Haves” Checklist for Your Hospital Bag
You're preparing for the big day in the hospital, but what should you pack? Our pregnancy hospital bag checklist tells you the essentials to pack for mom, dad (or partner) and the baby.
Bon Voyage: Traveling While Pregnant
Day by day, we see traveling expanding in a way that safeguards the health and wellbeing of travelers. It’s important that we don’t leave expecting moms out of the loop! Learn more about how to navigate traveling while pregnant.
Putting Twilight Sleep to Bed
Before epidurals were a thing, Twilight Sleep was what many women turned to for seemingly pain-free labor. Little did they know…
Epidural Myths: How Much of a Pain in the Back Are They Really?
We’re here to bust some myths about epidurals! Whether you decide to utilize this most common form of pain relief during labor or not, be sure to educate yourself on these common misconceptions as you create your desired plan.
The Hospital and the Home: a Historical Duel
Deciding where you’re going to give birth is a huge detail of your birthing plan and it’s a deeply personal one. Some moms might prefer to deliver in a hospital with plenty of medical staff, while others might feel more comfortable in their own home with a midwife. No matter what your choice is, let us help you make an informed one.
The “Right” Way to Give Birth: C-Sections vs. Vaginal Deliveries
In recent times, there has been a growing movement from “natural” birth advocates favoring vaginal births over surgical ones and advocating for unmedicated labor. How medically valid is this belief?
From Our Bookshelf to Yours: Top 12 Reads for Every Mom
Feeling a bit tired of those YouTube videos? Pick up a good book instead - we’ve got you covered.