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Ahma Need a Minute Highlights | EP 1. Shaniece: Learning to Be Your Best Advocate

October 9, 2023
Ahma & Co Team
Image Credit: Courtesy of Shaniece

In our first episode, we welcome Shaniece Mosley-Layer: an imperfectly perfect Mother of Two, Wife, and Educator amongst many other titles. She previously worked for the NYC DOE for a decade before transitioning to a school district in Westchester. She hopes to continue to build community and forge new friendships while navigating motherhood and this new phase of her life.

"What I want to share with expecting moms is that you don't have to be a perfect mother. "Perfect" moms don't exist. You can however, be the perfect mom for your kids. What I hope for moms more than anything is for them to find their community, for them to find peace, and for them to find joy in all of the chaos of (new) motherhood."

Tune into the episode to hear her birth stories and how she took learnings from her first experience to strategize and advocate for herself the second time around.

Ahma & Co Team

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