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From Our Ears to Yours: Top Ten Podcasts for Busy Moms (and Moms-To-Be)

March 28, 2024
Maggie Nash
Image Credit: George Milton

As many of us are heading back to work and our days seem to be more filled than they were in 2020, it may be hard to find time to sit down and read a good book-- perhaps even harder if you’re someone balancing multiple roles (read: working moms and working moms-to-be). While our bookshelf provided many options during the midst of the pandemic when we all had a little more time on our hands, we likely don’t have that time anymore, as things return to the norm and you return to the office. Enter: podcasts. For the person on the go, the person who has a long commute, or the person who likes to listen to things while doing tasks, we have compiled a collection of podcasts, curated to fulfill the needs of an expecting parent, the single mom, the person who wants to know everything about pregnancy, birth and beyond; these podcasts are for you.


While every parent’s pregnancy progression will look different from week to week, it is important to be aware of what each week could look like. The podcasts below do just that! By providing you with relevant information, they will also remind you that you are not alone.

Is it Normal? Pregnancy Podcast with Jessie Ware

Singer-songwriter and now podcaster Jessie Ware is currently in week eighteen of her pregnancy. In her bi-weekly podcast, she talks to many experts, such as doulas to doctors and midwives to therapists about everything and anything. As most of the episodes correspond to certain weeks, you can find solace by listening to this podcast during the same weeks that you are in. Questions you have may be answered, but more importantly, you will find community in this weekly journey of parenthood.  

Pregnancy Podcast

Want something a little more straight forward? Head to Pregnancy Podcast where you will find a similar show to Jessie Ware’s, but in short and to-the-point episodes. In this series, you will be told every episode the approximate size of your infant and what is likely to be happening to you during that week. These short and sweet episodes make learning about pregnancy easy and accessible for anyone with a busy schedule.

Dive Deep

The ‘TMI’ questions that have been floating in your mind might not be answered by friends and family, or by a book listed in the pregnancy section of the store. However, these two podcasts below will cover more than you could ever imagine.  

What to Expect

Are you the type of woman who wants to “know it all” about pregnancy, birth and postpartum care? What to Expect is the podcast for you. Author of  What to Expect When You're Expecting Heidi Murkoff joins her daughter in this collaborative podcast. From the most personal questions answered, to skincare, surprising symptoms, and trying to conceive, this mother-daughter duo covers it all!

All About Pregnancy and Birth with Dr. Nicole C. Rankins

For the woman who only trusts the experts, head to Doctor Nicole C. Rankins’s podcast. As an OB/GYN of 15+ years who has helped parents deliver over 1,000 babies, she is a vetted expert. Dr. Rankins brings other experts to her show to discuss a multitude of topics from abortions, sex, options for pain management, infertility and contraception. She gets down into the nitty gritty, and is not afraid to talk about concerning issues. Alongside the experts she has with her, she includes a plethora of birth stories from a wide variety of parents and birthing methods.


I’ve learned a lot about birth from the birthday dinners my family has five times a year. At these occasions, my mom, dad or grandma will retell the story of my family member’s births during dessert. Listening to the birth stories of parents near and far can help one decide and answer questions about the birth that they would like, and what they wouldn’t.

The Birth Hour

What a better way to learn about birth, than to hear from the parents who have been through it before? Become a part of a parenthood community just by listening to this podcast and immersing yourself in the lives of many. Pregnancy is unpredictable, so hearing these widely different stories will go a long way in helping to understand all of the possibilities that can happen during birth.


Well, you’ve given birth, and now it’s time to officially be a parent. Deciding what type of parenting style you are wanting to have may be the last thing on your mind, but these podcasts below may provide some expertise.

If these Ovaries Could Talk

It’s important to remember that parents aren’t just one man and one woman. The ‘traditional’ family is still prevalent, but we must take other forms of families into account when discussing parenting. Jaimie Kelton and Robin Hopkins are two lesbians who go in-depth into our world of heteronormativity. From adoption to surrogacy to infertility and more, hop on to If these Ovaries Could Talk to learn about everything when it comes to parenting.

Good Inside with Dr. Becky

When you become a parent, any research you did prior may not help you for the questions that come up during your child’s life. Dr. Becky, a clinical psychologist, answers those tough questions like “What should I say when my kid is afraid?” and “Are tantrums normal?” Through this podcast, you can become more confident in your parenting skills and your relationship with your child.

The Single Mom Blog

The Single Mom | Independent Podcast Network

Family matters, health, wellness, money matters, resources and crafts are topics that The Single Mom Podcast focuses on. As a blog curated by single moms themselves, they understand the struggles and triumphs one goes through during pregnancy, birth and parenting and are here to be a resource, a shoulder, and a community.


As an organization that was founded to provide postpartum care to parents, we couldn’t not include a podcast series on this trimester! Much can happen after you give birth, and as such, it is so important to be well equipped and prepared for this time in your life.

Fourth Trimester Podcast

Prepare for maternity leave and the birth of your second child, learn about methods for recovery after birth and how to turn pregnancy loss into empowerment. The Fourth Trimester Podcast helps you navigate this period in every way possible. A wide variety of experts and individuals join forces to make this well-rounded podcast with everyone in mind.

The Podcast for You

Let’s not forget you in this strenuous journey. Your body and mind are going through it all. Though it is important to have a solid grasp on pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting, make sure to take a step back and remember your worth and your power as a life-giving individual. This podcast below may help you do just that.

Twelve Affirmations - Pregnancy Affirmations

The previous podcasts go in depth about what to expect during pregnancy and birth, what’s normal, birth stories, and how to parent. What we often forget during this forty week period is ourselves. This four-minute podcast episode hosted by Josie Ong provides an avenue for mothers to find comfort in self-affirmation throughout their journey, providing them power and energy to guide them through this period. Take just four minutes out of your day to align your mind and remind yourself of the most amazing experience you will go on.

Maggie Nash
Maggie Nash is the Content Creator Intern for Hibiscus Motherhood who brings together creativity and education through her knowledge of all things women and gender. As a recent graduate from Creighton University receiving a BA in Cultural Anthropology, she utilizes her skills of research, adaptability, and analysis to create engaging content for the team. With a background in expanding reproductive health, Maggie is dedicated to Hibiscus Motherhood’s mission and vision of providing quality, comfortable care to mothers post birth, as well as educating interested individuals. If you have any questions regarding her work at Hibiscus Motherhood, you can contact her at maggie.nash121@gmail.com.

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