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#PregnantCostumes - 15 Inspirations from Real Moms

March 28, 2024
Ahma & Co Team
Image Credit: Valeria Boltneva

Halloween always rolls around this time of year, but this time...you’re pregnant. Now, this by no means entails that you should skip out on that amazing costume you’ve had planned and ready since last year. No, this means that if you want, you can work that creative mind of yours and use your baby bump to a great advantage this Halloween. Below, we have compiled 15 Instagram examples by real moms for every person in mind - that includes the procrastinators, too.

For the Cute One

If one thing is true, Halloween has become a holiday for people to not just dress up, but dress up in the most adorable and fun costumes out there. For many, cute may be the mood, and if so, these suggested costumes below will make sure you are the most charming of the night.

Pooh Bear
Gumball Machine
Thing 1 & Thing 2

For the Funny One

Everyone loves a humorous costume, and the fact that you're pregnant can make this type of costume very easy. Let’s bring the laughter this October with these hilarious costumes below.

Wrecking Ball

For the One Who Loves to Scare

Halloween is all about the scare. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to skip out on having the most terrifying costume at the gathering. In fact, use that bump of yours to upgrade a chilling costume to blood-curdling.

Zombie Baby
The Handmaid’s Tale

For the One With a Partner

Let’s be real: couples’ costumes have taken Halloween to the next level. Include your partner, or friend, in the fun this year with one of these amazing ideas from great couples.

Bump Ahead
Dirty Dancing

For the One Who Waited Til’ the Last Minute

Don’t feel ashamed, we’ve all done it. But that doesn’t mean your costume for the party that is in two hours will be terrible! Take a gander at our list below for some easy, simple, and manageable costumes that you can find among the belongings in your house.

Egg (pro tip: put on some devil’s horns to make it “Deviled Eggs”!)
Magic 8-Ball

Ahma & Co Team

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