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15 Gift Ideas for New Moms

October 9, 2023
Maggie Nash
Image Credit: Marko Klaric

It's the holiday season, and you’ve bought and wrapped all of the fantastic gifts for your friends and family, except for one: your friend who just had a baby. She just had a newborn and likely has constant visits from friends and family to meet the new addition to her world. You want to be sure that you’re giving her a gift that she truly needs – something that is sweet, thoughtful and helps make things easier during this new transition. The list below includes 15 unique options for the postpartum mom in your life. 

For the Mom that Loves to Make Memories

If this person is a first-time mom, or even a mom with a few littles already, they may not be thinking about the small memory books or “Baby’s First…” ornaments. Instead, she is elbow-deep in diaper changes, late-night feedings, and trying to steal a few hours of sleep before the baby wakes up, and she repeats the whole process all over again. Consider one of these five options below for the mom who loves to make memories.

1. One Line a Day Memory Book

This memory book isn’t just for their child when they are older – this one’s for the mom, too. With the simple task of writing one line a day, this sentimental gift allows moms to commemorate each day with their child from their first year to their fifth. 

Mom's One Line A Day Memory Book ($15.26)
2. Photo Printer

Today, we are lucky to have the ability to take photos of memorable moments with our ever-present cell phones. Although having them in a cloud is great, having physical copies of the best moments is always special. With this photo printer, your mom friend can print photos directly from their phone to the device and have hard copies in minutes!

KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer ($69.99)
3. Photography Session

With a baby, the holidays arriving, and so much to do, the new mom in your life may have wanted to book a photography session but not have had the time or means to fit it in this year. Do her a favor and book one for her! It will be a perfect surprise and will capture moments to last a lifetime.  

4. Baby’s First…

As you unbox ornaments and holiday decorations year after year, it is nostalgic to look at each object and remember the moment you received or bought it and the memories that followed that year. For the new mom in your life, gift her with a “Baby’s First…” holiday memento. This small token, whether it be an etched ornament or menorah, will be a perfect piece to last for years.

5. Baby Keepsake Box

As a new mom with big milestones happening, such as saying first words, learning to crawl and eating solid foods, little things may go unnoticed. This holiday season, give that mom in your life this Baby Keepsake Box, a lovely custom box to help archive all of the little things that will go by in a blink of an eye.

Savor Vault Baby Keepsake Box ($68.95)

For the Mom Who Needs some R & R

Oftentimes, moms with newborns receive gifts for their baby, rather than herself. The mom in your life needs some love, too, and may need the reminder that it’s important to relax and take some time for herself. These gifts below may do just that. 

6. Bathtub Caddy Tray

Small luxuries, such as a bathtub caddy tray, are things we all wait but never purchase for ourselves. This year, gift a bathtub tray to the one you know who needs it the most. Include their favorite scented bath bombs, postpartum teas, a bottle of wine, and other goodies you think they would love to make this a curated present. 

Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray ($50.96)
7. Nursing Pajama Set

Comfortable clothes automatically call for relaxation mode. This nursing pajama set not only does that but it also is perfect for the mama who wants to feel at ease while breastfeeding. The convenience of this set and the variety of colors will make it a comfortable and convenient gift for the breastfeeding mom in your life.  

Ekouaer Women's Maternity Nursing Pajama Set ($29.99-$62.99)
8. Earth Mama Postpartum Collection

One thing we know is when mama is feeling good, her baby will too. Earth Mama’s postpartum collection box is the perfect gift for your postpartum mom friend undergoing labor recovery. Filled with perineal spray, sitz bath, nipple butter, and more, they’ll surely be soothed and comforted during the holiday season. 

Earth Mama Postpartum Collection ($89)
9. Easy Meals 

Whipping up a warm meal for the family may be the last thing a new mom wants to do, especially if it requires a lot of steps. Luckily, Spoonful of Comfort recognizes the hubbub of new parenthood and has crafted a care package for just that. Hefty servings of delicious soup or mac-and-cheese, bread, and cookies to be served up in no time, at any time. 

Spoonful of Comfort New Parent Care Package ($84.99)
10. Comfiest Robe & Slippers

Looking for something warm between bath time and bedtime? These cozy robes and slippers from Barefoot Dreams take comfort to the next level. Treat the mama in your life to this set that will make her feel pampered.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Adult Robe ($81.90 - $139.99)
Barefoot Dreams CozyChic In The Wild Slippers ($43.35)
11. Ice Cream, Delivered

Sometimes, all you need is a pint of your favorite ice cream. As simple as it seems, sending an unexpected box of creamy, luxury ice cream from Jeni’s may be the winter treat your new mom friend may need this year. By the way, Jeni's ice cream doesn't contain any eggs or yolks; its rich goodness is due to a usage of high-quality, grass-fed milk and cream!

Jeni's Ice Cream ($12)
12. Book a Massage

Mamas’ bodies go through the wringer after they carry a child, go through labor, and give birth. Gifting a massage or even a gift card to your local masseuse may be the perfect gift to help them relax, recover, and feel pampered. If able, offer to babysit for their newborn during their massage so they can enjoy the experience worry-free. 

Gifts to Take a Load Off

The gifts above help make memories and encourage relaxation, but sometimes all a postpartum mom needs is help around the home. The ideas below are great options that can help you give the gift of time and convenience. To create a physical present to unwrap, consider creating ‘coupons’ which each of the ideas below decorated on a piece of paper, so your mom friend can use them when she needs it most. 

13. Start a Meal Train

While meal packages are great, nothing beats a homemade meal. Set up a schedule with you, some friends, and family members to deliver home-cooked meals that can be frozen and easily reheated.

14. Clean the Home

Cleaning may be one of the last items on the to-do list for a postpartum mom. However, having a clean space to live in allows for her to enjoy being in her home. Whether it be yourself, you and a friend, or a cleaning service hired by you – the reassurance of a clean home can’t be beaten. 

15. Run Errands 

Newborns have to be fed and changed every couple of hours. This grueling schedule makes it hard for moms to do daily tasks such as food shopping, dropping checks off at the bank, and other necessary errands. Offer a day to do all the errands she needs so she can focus on time with her little one. 

There are various gift options to give the new mom in your world. Make the most of the holiday season to make an impact with a well-thought-out, supportive gift to show her you care. 

Maggie Nash
Maggie Nash is the Content Creator Intern for Hibiscus Motherhood who brings together creativity and education through her knowledge of all things women and gender. As a recent graduate from Creighton University receiving a BA in Cultural Anthropology, she utilizes her skills of research, adaptability, and analysis to create engaging content for the team. With a background in expanding reproductive health, Maggie is dedicated to Hibiscus Motherhood’s mission and vision of providing quality, comfortable care to mothers post birth, as well as educating interested individuals. If you have any questions regarding her work at Hibiscus Motherhood, you can contact her at maggie.nash121@gmail.com.

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