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Just in Time for Halloween: Mommy & Me Costumes for DIY & Amazon Prime

October 9, 2023
Maggie Nash
Image Credit: Angela Kim via @mommydiary

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be scrambling to put together a Halloween costume for you and your little one. Not to fret! We’ve pulled together a few DIY options for moms who like to get crafty and for some more for the moms who’d rather Amazon Prime. 

Feeling crafty? Here are some easy DIYs.

Do-It-Yourself costumes are often a cost-effective and time-efficient option that also allow you to get creative and make it your own! For the sake of time, with Halloween just around the corner we’ve listed five below that are easy peasy to throw together last minute.

1. Rosie the Riveter

What could be better for baby’s first Halloween than to start on a high note with a feminist reenactment? Simple and sweet, you’ll both be sure to bring an empowering energy to the party and the ‘gram. 

Source: Kelly Jensen
What You’ll Need:
  • Adult jean or blue collared long sleeve shirt
  • Baby jean or blue collared top
  • Two red headbands or bandanas
  • The iconic pose for a photo!

Pro tip: write out “We Can Do It” on a speech bubble and tape it to your little one for extra flair. 

2. Cook with Spaghetti & Meatballs

All hands in the kitchen for this one! Grab your sous chef and whip together this quick, easy, and adorable bundle of spaghetti & meatballs. 

Source: Jessica Gibbs

What You'll Need:
  • Simple aprons (red checkered aprons are great!)
  • Chef's hat
  • Baby onesie & hat
  • White or cream yarn for spaghetti + brown pompoms for meatballs. You could even use rolled up brown yarn, socks or colored paper.
  • For cooks: don your apron on top of a simple outfit (think solid colors for best effect) and your chef's hat.
  • For baby: Glue or tape the yarn on a plain onesie and hat in random movements. Then, stick on the meatballs.

Pro tip: follow this simple DIY to make yourself a chef’s hat out of paper!

3. Popcorn Bucket

This simple popcorn bucket costume will put your baby carrier to perfect use!

Source: @maritz1998 on Instagram

What You’ll Need:
  • Large piece of white felt (or fabric)
  • Large piece of red felt (or fabric)
  • Popcorn
  • Baby hat
How to: 
  • Taking the red felt, cut out 2 inch strips and the letters for "POPCORN"
  • Cut a large rectangular piece of the white felt (large enough to cover your baby carrier and your body). Also cut a large circle.
  • Glue the red felt strips to the white felt rectangle in vertical stripes, from top to bottom
  • Trim the top of the white felt in a zig-zag fashion (think serrated edge)!
  • Glue the round piece of white felt in the middle section, then the letters for "POPCORN" on top.
  • Attach the finished "popcorn wrap" around your baby carrier so the words are centered in the front
  • Pop some popcorn and glue to a baby hat. Put it on your baby, and you're ready to go!

4. Snail and Toadstool

For the mom who has a little more craft time on her hands, try out this ingenious snail and toadstool (mushroom) costume!

Source: @craftmonsterz on Instagram

snail - What You’ll Need:
  • Brown craft paper, twine, and headband/wire or bunny ear headband
snail - How to: 
  • For the shell, twist a large piece of brown craft paper into a long, skinny rope-like piece
  • Then, wrap the rope around until it forms a shell shape
  • Glue where needed, and attach to a baby carrier with twine
  • For the antennae, first wrap a headband with two pieces of wire so there are supports for the antennae and then wrap with paper, or wrap a pair of bunny ears with the craft paper.
  • Top each antennae with a ball made from the craft paper, or a tan round object you have around the house. 
Toadstool - what you'll need:
  • Hat
  • Red and white felt/fabric
TOADSTOOL - How to: 
  • Follow this simple tutorial on how to make a hat out of paper
  • After making the hat, cover the top with a round piece of red felt
  • Then, cut out small circles from the white felt and glue onto the top of the hat to create the mushroom pattern.

5. Matching Frida Kahlos

Are you an artistic momma, but want to keep it simple this year? Dress up as the wonderfully talented surrealist Frida Kahlo with just a few items you have around the house. 

Source: @smartyxo on Instagram

What You’ll Need:
  • Flower headbands (don’t have one? Quickly put one together with a plain headband, fake flowers from the dollar store, and hot glue to stick them on!)
  • Colorful, flower-print dresses

Pro tip: Use an eyebrow pencil for fuller, close-together eyebrows to get that quintessential Frida look!

Don't have time? Just order on Prime!

There’s no shame in waiting until the last minute to figure out a Halloween costume; we’ve all been there! With the business of being a mom, cute-as-can-be costumes from Amazon Prime will save you the hassle and be here just in time!

1. Farmer and Rooster

This costume is simple enough for momma to put together from the closet - you may only need to buy the baby rooster costume!

Source: Alisa Soto
What You’ll Need: 

Pro tip: why stop with a rooster? Involve the whole family with a collection of farm animals, including a pig and a cow - or, let your little one pick their favorite farm animal!

2. Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf

A dichotomy of funny and sweet, this costume duo is sure to win all hearts on Halloween night. 

Source: Jade Leon

What You’ll Need:

3. Football and Referee

Just in time for football season! This referee costume will have the perfect accessory: a football to hold throughout the night. 

Source: Gabi Cope
What You’ll Need:

Pro tip: this costume is the perfect opportunity to get creative (and to show some pride for your fav sports team!) Include the whole fam with football players, cheerleaders, and even consider dressing the family up as another, favorite sport!

4. Zookeeper and ~Insert Your Favorite Animal Here~

Bring out your inner Jane Goodall and Terri Irwin with this wild mom and baby costume!

Source: Angela Kim
What You’ll Need:

5. Dalmatian and Cruella de Vil

Want a good excuse to go dramatic on the makeup? Look no further than Cruella de Vil and one of her one hundred and one dalmatians. 

Source: Jessica Woo
What You’ll Need:

Whether you’re quick shipping from Amazon, or bringing out the glue at 11:59 on October 30th, putting together a sweet mommy and me costume for you and your little one will help create a memory that lasts forever. Pick a costume, and get out there to celebrate!

Maggie Nash
Maggie Nash is the Content Creator Intern for Hibiscus Motherhood who brings together creativity and education through her knowledge of all things women and gender. As a recent graduate from Creighton University receiving a BA in Cultural Anthropology, she utilizes her skills of research, adaptability, and analysis to create engaging content for the team. With a background in expanding reproductive health, Maggie is dedicated to Hibiscus Motherhood’s mission and vision of providing quality, comfortable care to mothers post birth, as well as educating interested individuals. If you have any questions regarding her work at Hibiscus Motherhood, you can contact her at maggie.nash121@gmail.com.

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