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The Moms’ Guide to Black Friday Shopping in 2021

October 9, 2023
Image Credit: Ivan Samkov

Happy Thanksgiving, moms!

As we celebrate with our loved ones, we know in the back of our mind that Black Friday is officially a day (read: a few hours) away! We know you’re off being superwomen, especially during this holiday timing, and probably putting yourself on the back burner for the shopping list --so we did the work and consolidated a list of some of the best Black Friday deals that are perfect for you. No need to brace yourselves to storm stores; all of our suggested gifts can be ordered online in pajamas, from the comfort of your own home! So sit back, maybe pour yourself a glass of wine, and rest assured you are in the know of the good deals this season.

Breastfeeding Deals

Breastfeeding necessities can add up! From pumps to attire, here are some of the years’ best deals for your breastfeeding needs.

Breast Pumps

Bottles & Warmers

Breastfeeding Necessities for Mom

Postpartum Care Deals

For our expecting moms or for those who’ve just given birth, this holiday season can be a great time to stock up on necessary supplies for proper postpartum care. Here are our suggested product deals that will make your postpartum experience a bit easier.

For Healing in the Ways You Need

Hair-Care Products To Your (Shedding) Rescue!

Postpartum Must-Have Attire Deals

Sit Back & Let The Subscription Figure Out Dinner

Self-Care Deals

While it’s noble to focus your time on finding deals for your baby (and others),  it’s just as equally a great time to capitalize on deals for you! Here are some gifts that will grant you some much-deserved self-care.  

Cozy Deals For Your Home

Cozy Deals For Your Bod

There you have it, moms! Make sure to keep checking your favorite stores; this list will get you a head start, but as we get closer to Black Friday, more exciting deals will emerge. Happy shopping!

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