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Ahma Need a Minute Highlights | EP 2. Joyce: Making Decisions and Giving Space for Course Correction

October 9, 2023
Ahma & Co Team
Image Credit: Courtesy of Joyce

When Joyce struggled to find time during her fellowship, her village stepped up to fill in the gaps. Recent life events in her family have given her a better work-life balance to savor time with her daughters. Joyce shares her perspective on her "systems", making decisions and course-correcting as she goes.

One of the best things about my motherhood has been being a witness to their blossoming, as they unearth new parts of their personality, and getting the opportunity to be a safe harbor for them.

Joyce is a native New Yorker newly transplanted to Houston, a pediatric oncologist, and mother to two wonderfully spunky daughters. During her free time, if she's not with her family or friends, she enjoys reading and spending time in nature. Tune into her story in our second episode!

Ahma & Co Team

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