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Ahma Need a Minute Highlights | EP. 3.1. Cynthia: Sharing Realizations Throughout Her Fertility Journey; EP. 3.2: Recovery And Return to Self

October 9, 2023
Ahma & Co Team

Cynthia, an NYC wedding photographer, shares her story with heart in a two-part episode. In 3.1, she discusses her fertility journey and how she found clarity in what was right for her family and the means to advocate and achieve it: she prioritized self-care and community, and both came back to provide.

In 3.2, Cynthia shares how she returned back to her new "normal" and overcame mom-guilt after an emotional fertility journey. While her postpartum recovery was smoother than her ectopic surgery recovery, she still gave herself pressure on knowledge gaps in newborn care and breastfeeding. She reflects on her faith, the support her spouse lent, and the grace she gave herself.

Infertility and loss. It wasn’t a pretty journey, it was definitely the darkest time of my life. With many disappointments and moments that I wanted to just give up. But I can say that I wouldn’t have been able to get through ANY of it without my faith & hope in Christ and the support of my loving family, community and church. As I look back on it today, some of my memories still deeply sadden me, but I now know that there was great joy in the suffering. My husband and I grew so much closer throughout the journey-and our community even tighter. I have a whole new perspective on life because of everything that has happened.  I hope in some way my story can encourage and provide comfort to those who are going through a similar situation. I remember the feelings of defeat and loneliness during my infertility journey and seeking to find uplifting stories. I hope that for those who are going through the thickest of times that you seek out a rock to lean on and a community to support you throughout your darkest moments.
Ahma & Co Team

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