Keeping the Spark Alive: How to Navigate Changes in Your Relationship After Having a Baby
Parenthood is a journey, and you and your partner are in it together. Here's our best relationship advice for new parents, on how to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner after having a baby.
Your Questions, Answered: Sexual Health Week with Dr. Sonya Ye, Resident OB/GYN
It's the second full week of September, and that means it's Sexual Health Week! We often forget that sexual health is also relevant during a stage such as postpartum - so, we've teamed up again with our Chief Health Officer to answer your questions.
A Happy Valentine's Day for Every Postpartum Mom and Their Love Language
We get it - with the little one in tow, it’s hard to find time (and the bandwidth) to be romantic. Fret not, we’ve put together a full list of ideas on how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with your loved one who’s still recovering from birth! Read on for detailed ideas on how you can surprise & delight every mom and their love language. (Moms, if you’re reading this, feel free to drop a hint 😉)
Birth Control. A Plethora of Options and a History to Prove it.
Fun fact: ancient Romans used animal bladder to protect against pregnancy and disease. Thanks to modern science, we now have more options available. Learn about the plethora of birth control options you can consider if you’re ready to return to intimacy after birth.
Navigating a Fertility Crisis: Exploring your Health, Emotions, and Options
Unlike the way we see it happen in the movies, becoming pregnant doesn’t usually happen in one go. Getting pregnant takes time, patience and consistency, and there’s a chance that fertilization may not happen for you even with careful planning -and that’s okay. Infertility is very common across both men and women, but luckily, there are many avenues of conceiving or building out a family that you can also try. Read on to learn more about the options you have, and how to navigate the emotions that come with them.
The Eloquent Vagina: The Ins and Outs of Female Anatomy
Spoiler alert: the vagina is NOT what you think it actually is. We’re here to educate and talk about one of the most strong and magical parts of the female anatomy.
The Cycle Continues: Post-Baby Periods
They’re back! After a 40-week break, your periods are looming on the horizon, waiting to return and signal fertility once again. So, what are the most essential things you need to know? In this article, we answer some of the most frequently answered questions so that you can get a head start on what to expect.
The Kama Sutra for New Moms
Sex. The thing that got you to where you are today, and the thing that has been lingering in your mind during the first few weeks postpartum. Yep, let’s talk about that.